Lawrence Carin

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Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Lawrence Carin earned the BS, MS, and PhD degrees in electrical engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park, in 1985, 1986, and 1989, respectively. In 1989 he joined the Electrical Engineering Department at Polytechnic University (Brooklyn) as an Assistant Professor, and became an Associate Professor there in 1994. In September 1995 he joined the Electrical Engineering Department at Duke University, where he is now the William H. Younger Distinguished Professor. Dr Carin's early research was in the area of electromagentics and sensing, and over the last ten years his research has moved to applied statistics and machine learning. He has recently served on the Program Committee for the following machine learning conferences: International Conf. on Machine Learning (ICML), Neural and Information Processing Systems (NIPS), Artificial Intelligence and Statistics (AISTATS), and Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI). He was previously an Associate Editor of the IEEE Trans. on Antennas and Propagation, and he is currently an Associate Editor for the IEEE Trans. on Signal Processing and the SIAM J. of Imaging Science. He is an IEEE Fellow.

Appointments and Affiliations
  • Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Vice Provost for Research
Contact Information:
  • Office Location: 176 Hudson Eng Ctr, Durham, NC 27708
  • Office Phone: (919) 660-5270
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  • Ph.D. University of Maryland, College Park, 1989
  • M.Sc.Eng. University of Maryland, College Park, 1986
  • B.S.E. University of Maryland, College Park, 1985


Signal Processing

Awards, Honors, and Distinctions:

  • Cleanup Project of the Year, Department of Defense, SERDP, 2000 and 2005
  • Eta Kappa Nu
  • Fellow, IEEE, 2001
  • Member, White House Advisory Panel on the Future of Landmine Research, 2002
  • National Science Foundation Research Initiation Award, National Science Foundation, 1992
  • Paper of the Year, Applied High-Power Electromagnetics, 2000
  • Research Award, Duke University, School of Engineering, 2002
  • Tau Beta Pi

Courses Taught:
  • ECE 493: Undergraduate Research in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • ECE 891: Internship
  • ECE 899: Special Readings in Electrical Engineering

Representative Publications: (More Publications)
    • L. H. He and L. Carin, Exploiting Structure in Wavelet-Based Bayesian Compressive Sensing, Ieee Transactions On Signal Processing, vol 57 no. 9 (2009), pp. 3488 -- 3497 [abs].
    • Q. H. Liu and X. J. Liao and H. Li and J. R. Stack and L. Carin, Semisupervised Multitask Learning, Ieee Transactions On Pattern Analysis And Machine Intelligence, vol 31 no. 6 (2009), pp. 1074 -- 1086 [abs].
    • X. J. Liao and L. Carin, Migratory Logistic Regression for Learning Concept Drift Between Two Data Sets With Application to UXO Sensing, Ieee Transactions On Geoscience And Remote Sensing, vol 47 no. 5 (2009), pp. 1454 -- 1466 [abs].
    • L. Carin and D. H. Liu and W. B. Lin and B. Guo, Compressive sensing for multi-static scattering analysis, Journal Of Computational Physics, vol 228 no. 9 (2009), pp. 3464 -- 3477 [abs].
    • J. R. Stack and G. J. Dobeck and X. J. Liao and L. Carin, Kernel-Matching Pursuits With Arbitrary Loss Functions, Ieee Transactions On Neural Networks, vol 20 no. 3 (2009), pp. 395 -- 405 [abs].