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Adjunct Associate Professor

Jason Janet is CTO and co-founder of RxMedic Systems, Adjunct Associate Professor at Duke University Pratt School of Engineering, and Adjunct Asst Professor at North Carolina State University School of Engineering Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering Institute.

Jason has over 25 published articles and is co-author of a book entitled Computational Intelligence.

Dr. Janét has 18+ years experience in developing automated storage & retrieval systems and pharmacy automation, as well as terrestrial, underwater and extraterrestrial mobile robots, including single- and multi-agent systems.

Jason also served as interim Director of the NCSU Center for Robotics and Intelligent Machines (1995-1998); VP of R&D, VP of Engineering and Dir of Business Development at Nekton Research, LLC (1998-2002); and Director of Technical Development at Avionic Instruments, Inc. (2002-2004). Relevant experience includes: PI of “Vortex Based UUVs for Counter-Mine and Counter-Obstacle Operations” for DARPA/ATO; co-PI of “Anti-Personnel Landmine Alternative, Minimally Guided Munitions” for DARPA/ATO; PI of “3D Multi-Agent Distributed Plume Tracing Using Micro AUVs” for DARPA/MTO; PI of “Swimming Arrays Feasibility Study” for DARPA/ATO; and (inherited) co-PI of “Aquatic Microbots” for DARPA/MTO.

Jason supports licensing of the “Vortex Regenerative Air/Aqueous Movement", or VRAM, which has transitioned from DARPA/MTO to commercially available products for law enforcement, security, military, underwater, counter-mine, material handling and nuclear markets.

His education includes: Ph.D. in Robotics (NCSU, 1998), M.S. in Integrated Manufacturing Systems Engineering (NCSU, 1994), and BSME (University of Virginia, 1990).

Patents include: Helical Klinotaxis: Devices and Methods for Orienting and Steering in 3D Spaces, USPTO #6,378,801. Other patents are pending.

Jason is certified in SCUBA and skydiving, and has performed numerous commercial and recreational dives in both.

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Distributed Systems

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Representative Publications: (More Publications)
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