James Morizio

Image of James Morizio

Adjunct Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Appointments and Affiliations
  • Adjunct Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Contact Information:
  • Office Phone: (919) 660-5252
  • Email Address: jmorizio@ee.duke.edu

  • Ph.D. Duke University, 1995
  • M.S.E.E. University Colorado Denver, 1984
  • B.S. Virginia Polytech Institute and State University, 1982

Research Interests:

He conducts research in the areas of mixed-signal VLSI design and sub-system hardware development for biomedical instrumentation products.


Computer Engineering
Nanoscale/microscale computing systems
Biological Computing
Mixed Signal VLSI Design
Integrated Analog CMOS Circuit Design

Courses Taught:
  • ECE 532: Analog Integrated Circuit Design
  • ECE 539: CMOS VLSI Design Methodologies
  • ECE 899: Special Readings in Electrical Engineering

Representative Publications: (More Publications)
    • Morizio, J. and Irazoqui, P. and Go, V. and Parmentier, J., Wireless headstage for neural prosthetics, 2nd International IEEE EMBS Conference on Neural Engineering, vol 2005 (2005), pp. 414 - 417 [CNE.2005.1419647] [abs].
    • Arora, Himanshu and Klemmer, Nikolaus and Morizio, James C. and Wolf, Patrick D., Enhanced phase noise modeling of fractional-N frequency synthesizers, IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, vol 52 no. 2 (2005), pp. 379 - 395 [TCSI.2004.841594] [abs].
    • Lee, Sangrok and Morizio, James C. and Johnson, Kristina M., Novel frame buffer pixel circuits for liquid-crystal-on-silicon microdisplays, IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits, vol 39 no. 1 (2004), pp. 132 - 139 [JSSC.2003.820875] [abs].
    • Morizio, J. and Guhados, S. and Castellucci, J. and von Ramm, O., 64-channel ultrasound transducer amplifier, 2003 Southwest Symposium on Mixed-Signal Design (Cat. No.03EX663) (2003), pp. 228 - 32 [SSMSD.2003.1190432] [abs].
    • Obeid, Iyad and Morizio, James C. and Moxon, Karen A. and Nicolelis, Miguel A. L. and Wolf, Patrick D., Two multichannel integrated circuits for neural recording and signal processing, IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering, vol 50 no. 2 (2003), pp. 255 - 258 [TBME.2002.807643] [abs].