Guillermo Sapiro

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Edmund T. Pratt, Jr. School Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Appointments and Affiliations
  • Edmund T. Pratt, Jr. School Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Professor of Computer Science
  • Professor of Biomedical Engineering
  • Faculty Network Member of the Duke Institute for Brain Sciences
Contact Information:

  • Sc.D. Israel Institute of Technology, 1993

Research Interests:

Image and video processing, computer vision, computer graphics, computational vision, biomedical imaging, brain imaging, cryo-tomography of viruses, computational tools in cryo-tomography, computational tools in early diagnosis of psychiatric disorders, differential geometry and differential equations, scientific computation, learning and high dimensional data analysis, sparse modeling and dictionary learning, applied mathematics.

Awards, Honors, and Distinctions:

  • Test-of-Time Award, International Conference Computer Vision, “Geodesic Active Contours” ICCV '95 paper, 2011
  • Plenary Speaker, The Learning Workshop, Snowbird, May, 2010
  • Plenary Speaker, SIAM Image Science Conference, Chicago, April, 2010
  • National Security Science and Engineering Faculty Fellowship, 2010
  • First Abel Science Lecture, Oslo, Norway, May, 2009
  • Founding Editor-in-Chief, SIAM Journal on Imaging Sciences (currently ranked second impact factor in Applied Mathematics)., 2007
  • Plenary Speaker, Curves and Surfaces, Norway, June, 2006
  • Vice-President/President of the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematics Imaging Sciences Activity Group, 2003-2005
  • National Science Foundation Faculty Early Career Development Program Award, 1999
  • Office of Naval Research Young Investigator Award., 1998
  • Presidential Early Career Awards for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE), 1998

Courses Taught:
  • COMPSCI 393: Research Independent Study
  • ECE 392: Undergraduate Research in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • ECE 495: Special Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • ECE 590: Advanced Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • ECE 899: Special Readings in Electrical Engineering

Representative Publications: (More Publications)
    • Duarte-Carvajalino, JM; Lenglet, C; Xu, J; Yacoub, E; Ugurbil, K; Moeller, S; Carin, L; Sapiro, G, Estimation of the CSA-ODF using Bayesian compressed sensing of multi-shell HARDI., Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, vol 72 no. 5 (2014), pp. 1471-1485 [10.1002/mrm.25046] [abs].
    • Yang, J; Yuan, X; Liao, X; Llull, P; Brady, DJ; Sapiro, G; Carin, L, Video compressive sensing using Gaussian mixture models., IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, vol 23 no. 11 (2014), pp. 4863-4878 [10.1109/tip.2014.2344294] [abs].
    • Prasad, G; Joshi, SH; Jahanshad, N; Villalon-Reina, J; Aganj, I; Lenglet, C; Sapiro, G; McMahon, KL; de Zubicaray, GI; Martin, NG; Wright, MJ; Toga, AW; Thompson, PM, Automatic clustering and population analysis of white matter tracts using maximum density paths., NeuroImage, vol 97 (2014), pp. 284-295 [10.1016/j.neuroimage.2014.04.033] [abs].
    • Harrison, BD; Hashemi, J; Bibi, M; Pulver, R; Bavli, D; Nahmias, Y; Wellington, M; Sapiro, G; Berman, J, A tetraploid intermediate precedes aneuploid formation in yeasts exposed to fluconazole., PLoS biology, vol 12 no. 3 (2014) [10.1371/journal.pbio.1001815] [abs].
    • Carpenter, KLH; Sprechmann, P; Fiori, M; Calderbank, RR; Egger, HL; Sapiro, GR, Questionnaire simplification for fast risk analysis of children's mental health, IEEE International Conference on Acoustics Speech and Signal Processing (2014), pp. 6009-6013 [10.1109/ICASSP.2014.6854757] [abs].