Daniel L. Marks

Image of Daniel L. Marks

Associate Research Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Appointments and Affiliations
  • Associate Research Professor in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Contact Information:
  • Office Phone: (919) 660-3682
  • Email Address: daniel.marks@duke.edu

    Awards, Honors, and Distinctions:

    • New Focus Student Award, 1999 and 2000
    • Van Valkenburg Fellowship, 1999
    • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, 1996-1999
    • Alcoa Foundation Scholarship, 1994
    • Member of American Physics Olympiad Team, 1991
    • University of Illinois Honors Student, 1991-1995

    Courses Taught:
    • ECE 676: Lens Design

    Representative Publications: (More Publications)
      • Furxhi, O; Marks, DL; Brady, DJ, Echelle crossed grating millimeter wave beam scanner., Optics express, vol 22 no. 13 (2014), pp. 16393-16407 [10.1364/oe.22.016393] [abs].
      • Mrozack, A; Heimbeck, M; Marks, DL; Richard, J; Everitt, HO; Brady, DJ, Adaptive millimeter-wave synthetic aperture imaging for compressive sampling of sparse scenes., Optics express, vol 22 no. 11 (2014), pp. 13515-13530 [10.1364/oe.22.013515] [abs].
      • Marks, DL; Llull, PR; Phillips, Z; Anderson, JG; Feller, SD; Vera, EM; Son, HS; Youn, SH; Kim, J; Gehm, ME; Brady, DJ; Nichols, JM; Judd, KP; Duncan, MD; Waterman, JR; Stack, RA; Johnson, A; Tennill, R; Olson, CC, Characterization of the AWARE 10 two-gigapixel wide-field-of-view visible imager., Applied Optics, vol 53 no. 13 (2014), pp. C54-C63 [10.1364/ao.53.000c54] [abs].
      • Youn, SH; Son, HS; Marks, DL; Shaw, JM; McLaughlin, PO; Feller, SD; Brady, DJ; Kim, J, Optical performance test and validation of microcameras in multiscale, gigapixel imagers., Optics express, vol 22 no. 3 (2014), pp. 3712-3723 [10.1364/oe.22.003712] [abs].
      • Brady, DJ; Marks, D; MacCabe, KP; O'Sullivan, JA, Coded apertures for x-ray scatter imaging, Applied Optics, vol 52 no. 32 (2013), pp. 7745-7754 [10.1364/AO.52.007745] [abs].